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How to Use 3D Mapping Software

It is really important to understand the concept behind 3D projection mapping software and data visualization to enjoy the rich and engaging experience that it facilitates. The mapping softwares are very much helpful in converting the data or information into pictures so that the information is passed on without any verbal communication, yet in a much comprehensive manner.

Not just this, but it also helps to display the images of objects of any size even on uneven surfaces. It is a technique that consists of projecting custom designed content onto surfaces of various shapes and sizes. This requires a series of highly tailored graphics that can be used to convey a message by connecting themselves in a logical manner to facilitate a real-like experience

To facilitate such a virtual world experience to people, the graphics should be handled with extreme expertise so that the experience is seamless and resemble reality in a much animated way. Such video mapping for projecting objects on a surface reflects a blend of technology, fantasy and, marketing with huge investment and innovation. These interactive graphics are used to manufacture a number of products that act as interface between the user and the objects and not to forget, they can accommodate a number of users at once.

The products that are being manufactured using such a technology are listed below:

Multi Touch Tables
Multi Touch Video Walls
Interactive Floor Projections
Multi Touch Bar Surfaces
3D Presentations
Other Customized Multi Touch Interactive Devices

Such products are very useful as they can accommodate many users at once like on multi touch bar surfaces, interactive video walls and multi touch floor projections, that is why they are named as ‘Multi Touch Devices’. They not only add to the aesthetics of a place but also, enhance sophistication, convey information and entertain at the same time.

They are enjoying a surge of popularity and demand in the following fields:

Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, Foyers And Corridors Of Offices

If you just want something unusual in graphics that helps your interiors to look out of the crowd, the graphic designers can also design and develop just about any type of interactive solution using their advanced technology in software and designing skills.

Thus, it must now be clear how interactive graphics is useful to us and in what all forms.


Now Unleash Your Tweets With The TweetyPad Mobile App

The most anticipated social media app is finally here. TweetyPad is everything that you want in a social media app and much more. It is convenient, it is easy to use and best of all, it allows you to post tweets without being bound by twitter’s 140 characters rule! A must have app for everyone who loves twitter and social media. within addition to Twitter, TweetyPad can effectively handle other social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn easily with more to come.

An app that has been solely developed for the convenience of any social media addict, TweetyPad is basically an organizer with which you can handle all your social media accounts from one single app. Whether you are at home or office, managing your social media presence will be child’s play. And all of this is for free! An app that can fit perfectly in the user’s palm and can be used to post updates with ease; TweetyPad is definitely a boon for every avid Twitter or Facebook fan.

One of the most popular features of TweetyPad is its versatilityTweetyPad allows users to go beyond the 140 characters limit interface of Twitter and allows users to post unlimited tweets with ease. Thanks to Tweetypad, now you can tweet whatever you want to, without any restrictions.

The app is full of other features as well. You can easily shift between your various social media accounts without a hitch. Toggling between apps is as easy as pressing a button. You will be switched immediately. With this, users can also share their posts with their friends and family with the click of a button. Users can use SMS, Email, Twitter, Direct Message, WhatsApp, Twitter etc to share their posts.

TweetyPad is a well-designed app that is simple yet innovative and extremely user-friendly. The interface of the app is extremely simple. What makes the interface even more innovative is that you can use the app to view user’s full length and unlimited post. Your visitor can press the dropdown option, and this option will take the visitor to the original site of the social media in use such as Twitter, FaceBook etc. There, the visitor can view the post and makes comments with ease.

Another remarkable feature of the app is the option to post snippets. Snippets can be put in the beginning of your tweet, which will be accompanied by a link to your original post. Hence, the snippet is a teaser for your original production.

TweetyPad is currently available on three platforms. You can find it on Android, iOS as well as on the Web.


The Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

Control Business Systems is a POS and Merchant Services Solutions Provider to Hospitality, Retail, and QSR. Services include programming, repair, installation and integration with card services and/or surveillance systems. We offer No Upfront Cost, Lease to Own, or immediate purchase options.

* Merchant Services – Integrated Credit / EMV / NFC (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.) / Gift
* Receipt printers – USB / Serial / Ethernet / Bluetooth
* Remote printer setup
* Custom menu programming
* Scanners – Single Line / Omni Directional / Optical (imager)
* Scales
* Video Surveillance
* Online Ordering
* Screen Protectors / Blue Light Filters / Blue Light Glasses
* Paper Rolls and Ink Ribbons

POS Touch Screen Protector

Accurate Films LED / LCD touch screen protectors are designed to save you downtime and the expense of a damaged POS System. Easy to install and remove, Accurate Films touch screen leaves no residue. View sharp text and graphics through a highly transparent protector with a top coating that provides smooth finger movement. Reduces glare from harsh overhead lighting or sunlight and the adherence of fingerprints. Works with either 5 wire resistive or capacitive touch screens. Get the best protection with an Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint screen protector from Accurate Films. Easy to install and easy to clean.


Preferred for POS, Bar, Kitchen, and Data-Logging

Printer Applications

The SNBC BTP-M300 produces clear, precise and archive quality documents. It is ideal for requisitions and receipts including coupons, rebates and special offers. Featuring trouble free drop-and-print paper loading, the extraordinarily reliable M300 provides paper “pull” technology for jam-free operation and best-in-class cutter performance.

The internal power supply eliminates unsightly and messy cords and bricks.
* Choose a USB or Ethernet On-Board Interface
* Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, & Bluetooth Interface Options
* Cutter Rated for 1,800,000 Cuts (BTP-M300)
* Energy Star Certified


Wave lengths of Blue Light are between 380nm and 495 nm in the range of visible lights (from 400nm to 780nm). Blue Light has strong energy with very short waves, very close to the wave length of UV-A light. Blue Light is widely used as the light source to produce crisp images in the LED light sourced products such as PCs, Cell Phones, Tablets, Game machines and TVs.

The vitreous body and the crystalline lenses in the eye absorb UV lights but Blue Light reaches the retina with strong energy. The impact of Blue Light is believed to cause eye fatigue and may even cause age-related macular degeneration, according to some experts.
A prolonged exposure of the eye to Blue Light is believed to cause health hazard that is now called Blue Light Hazard, as many media report.

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You Should Know About Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Properties

CNT incorporate plenty structures, varying in number of layers, thickness and length. There are so many varieties of CNTs one among them is MWNTs. The structure of MWNTs is different, they are handy in a complicated array of ways each concentric nano tube can incorporate unique structures, and you can find variety of sequential arrangements. Multiwalled carbon Nanotubes properties handy from their all carbon structure, extensively great aspect ratio and small geometrics.

A glimpse into applications and benefits of multiwalled carbon nanotubes properties

1. Electrical Properties of MWNTs

The form of a MWNT decides conductivity of the nanotube. The form of atoms present in the multi walled nanotube decrease the collisions amid conduction. Atoms and electrons, a carbon nanotube is greatly conductive. A strong bond amid carbon atoms permit CNT to withstand greater electric current compared to copper. Electron transmit happens only along the axis of a tube. MWNTs can direct electrical signals at speeds up to 10 GHz while utilized as interlinks on the semi-conducting devices.

2. Thermal properties

The durability of the atomic bonds in MWNTs permits them to withstand against great temperatures. Due to this, MWNTS have been manifesting to be well thermal conductors. While it is compared to the wire of copper that are usually utilized as the thermal conductors, the multi walled nano tubes can transfer about 15 minutes the amount of watts per meter per Kelvin. Thermal conductivity of CNT is based on the tube temperature as well as outside atmosphere.

Why you must purchase Multiwalled carbon Nanotubes from online suppliers?

If you are planning to buy the MWNT at reasonable rates without compromising with the quality, then it might be better make some vital alterations through online. In this aspect, there are so many online vendors whom you can believe and purchase the top quality products at a cost effective rates.

If you are finding for the best product, there are tons of online MWNTS vendors handy; while picking the online vendors online you must be sure about their ratings prior purchasing. On the other side, it is equally vital to known about the specifications of Multiwalled carbon Nanotubes. Most essentially regard your requirements thoroughly before purchasing via online.


Info Receipt and Journal Printers

The SAM4S SPS-500 Series is a perfect fit for retail & food service establishments. Featuring a hybrid design, the SAM4s SPS-500 has combined fast & simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitive context sensitive touchscreen operator display. The SPS-500 is easily configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of sale needs.

Includes a color touchscreen, 2-1/4in Dual Station Thermal Printer, Raised-Key Keyboard, Cash Drawer and Rear Display.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon by Accurate Films for Datamax Printer

Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Datamax Printer, 1 in.Core. Color: Black. A Multi Purpose Wax Ribbon for Label, Tag and Barcode Printing. Resin-enhanced wax thermal transfer ribbon designed for wide print versatility, ANSI grade A bar codes and sharp text and graphics. Enhanced abrasion resistance and outstanding back coat technology make it the right bar code ribbon. Clear Rotated Bar Codes, Sharp Text and Graphics, High Density Printing, Extends Print Head Life. Works with other printers using (CSI) INK SIDE IN RIBBON. Color: Black. Printers: Datamax and other printers using INK SIDE IN ribbon.

Applications include: Shipping Labels, Inventory, Retail tags, Tickets, Storage Labels, Warning Labels, Shelf Labeling, and Poly Bags. Recommended Label stocks: Coated Paper, Plain Paper, Synthetic Paper, Tag, Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Polypropylene, Kimdura. andValeron.

Compatible with; DNP, Sony, Dynic, Iimak, ITW, Ricoh, Armor

Thermal Transfer Ribbon by Accurate Films for Zebra Printer

Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Zebra Printer, 1 in.Core. Color: Black. A Multi Purpose Wax Ribbon for Label, Tag and Barcode Printing. Resin-enhanced wax thermal transfer ribbon designed for wide print versatility, ANSI grade A bar codes and sharp text and graphics. Enhanced abrasion resistance and outstanding back coat technology make it the right bar code ribbon. Clear Rotated Bar Codes, Sharp Text and Graphics, High Density Printing, Extends Print Head Life. Works with other printers using (CSO) INK SIDE OUT RIBBON. Color: Black. Printers: Zebra and other printers using INK SIDE OUT ribbon.

Applications include: Shipping Labels, Inventory, Retail tags, Tickets, Storage Labels, Warning Labels, Shelf Labeling, and Poly Bags. Recommended Label stocks: Coated Paper, Plain Paper, Synthetic Paper, Tag, Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Polypropylene, Kimdura. andValeron.

Compatible with; DNP, Zebra, Sony, Dynic, Iimak, ITW, Ricoh, Armor

Control Business Systems is a POS and Merchant Services Solutions Provider to Hospitality, Retail, and QSR. Services include programming, repair, installation and integration with card services and/or surveillance systems. We offer No Upfront Cost, Lease to Own, or immediate purchase options.

* Merchant Services – Integrated Credit / EMV / NFC (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.) / Gift
* Receipt printers – USB / Serial / Ethernet / Bluetooth
* Remote printer setup
* Custom menu programming
* Scanners – Single Line / Omni Directional / Optical (imager)
* Scales
* Video Surveillance
* Online Ordering
* Screen Protectors / Blue Light Filters / Blue Light Glasses
* Paper Rolls and Ink Ribbons

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This Short comparative of the best Android smartphones

Be sure to make the right phone choices, according to your needs, expectations and tastes. The telephones we are going to describe are all of quality and serve as an indisputable reference in their category. Whether they are very good for taking pictures, whether they have a great deal of autonomy or they offer excellent value for money, you will inevitably find among them the ideal product.

The Xiaomi M5, the incredible Chinese monster

After a year and a half of waiting, Xiaomi finally launched the successor of the Mi4. The Xiaomi Mi5 is one of the highlights of this year’s flagship range. It offers a technical sheet at the level of that of its competitors for a price twice lower. The program includes a Snapdragon 820 processor, the latest Qualcomm chip for Android flagships, accompanied by 3 or 4 GB of RAM depending on the model chosen.
There is also a high-performance 16 megapixel photo sensor and even a fingerprint reader as well as a 3000 mAh battery that should offer it a very good battery life. After having tested the Xiaomi Mi5, the least one can say is that its design combining glass and metal or glass and ceramic, depending on the versions is a real success. Only a small snag: It will be quite difficult to get it outside China, unless you go through the import. Do not forget that you can find Chinese best Android phone on website like Phonedroid for example.

The Huawei Mate 9, an ultra-premium phablet

The Huawei Mate 9 was introduced in early November and is a real bomb. With this new iteration of its phablet, the Chinese manufacturer improves its traditional recipe at all levels. The Kirin 960 processor is a true power monster, with a large 5.9-inch IPS display that combines high-quality display and playback comfort with a more sophisticated design than ever before, with a dual 20 + 12 megapixel photo sensor impressive.
If you add to that an autonomy that is excellent and can easily reach two days for mixed use, you have in your hands one of the best smartphones of 2017.


UtechSmart Uranus Metal Base 16400 DPI is Gaming Mouse

I’ve reviewed a few UtechSmart products now and have generally been quite pleased with how they perform. I was actually really excited to review one of their less-complicated mice in their lineup, the UtechSmart Uranus Gaming Mouse, as it offered the same software and DPI capabilities of its big brother, the Venus, but had a simpler button layout. This is something that I almost miss from using my Mars gaming mouse, which had just two extra buttons, one on either side of the mouse.

The Uranus comes in the typical UtechSmart packaging with the little window to view the mouse in the packaging. It comes with a Uranus specific version of the mouse drivers and software, as well as the full 8-piece weight tuning kit that the Venus comes with.

Aesthetically, the Uranus is much simpler looking than the Venus. Where the Venus is clearly a gaming mouse, the Uranus is a little more discreet, given away by the lighting options more than the button layout. The Uranus also has a metal base – something that may not be necessary due to the 3M Teflon pads that stick to the bottom anyway (included in the box), but it does give the mouse a nice weight. It uses the same matte finish black plastic that’s found on the other UtechSmart mice. I prefer this finish over the vacuum seal finish, but it does tend to make my palms sweat. The Uranus also has the standard UtechSmart gold-plated, braided USB cord; a detail I absolutely love.

Functionally, the mouse works very similarly to the Venus, and is programmed via the software in very similar ways. You still have full 16 million color light options, with adjustable breathe rates. You still get several profiles to swap between, and the ability to customize how each of the buttons work. This is a feature I’ve only recently taken advantage of, but it works rather well. The software allows for easy manipulation of the buttons so they can be reprogrammed to operate like any selected key on the keyboard, or you program functions like “Copy” and “Save”. This is a nice feature that opens up the UtechSmart line of mice to be used in non-gaming settings.

However, as much as I wanted to love the Uranus, after using it for several weeks, I’ve swapped it back out for my Venus mouse. It’s not that the Uranus is a bad mouse – like I mentioned, it functions almost identically to the Venus. But the button layout that I thought I’d love just doesn’t seem to work well for me. The first issue I have is reaching all the buttons. While I’ve never been able to reach the bottom row of buttons on the Venus number pad, the arc of Uranus buttons along the thumb side of the mouse are really quite a stretch. The first two are easily accessible, but the other three prove difficult for me to reach, causing me to give up on programming them. I should add that I have an average to small sized male hand, so someone with longer fingers or a larger hand may have better luck than me. The second, and rather more annoying issue, is the location of the DPI switches. There are four buttons around the scroll wheel – the two on the left adjust the report rate and two on the right adjust DPI. I tend to bump the buttons with the sides of my fingers while clicking the main mouse buttons. A minor problem, but it proves rather annoying when my mouse speed changes unexpectedly.

Overall, the Uranus is a quality mouse, and offers an incredible amount of customization for a product in this price range. However, it’s inconveniently placed buttons make it difficult to use and take away from the ‘cool’ features.


Here Things to Remember While Installing Solar Films

Solar films serve as a great help in keeping homes or offices protected from the excessive heat. Sun Control Films not only help in reducing the brightness of the Sun indoors but also virtually eliminate the penetration of ultraviolet light. Apart from giving protection from the scorching outside heat they also help in reducing the energy consumption by air conditioners as the premises remains cooler. Solar films Installation in the homes and offices is a prudent choice and that’s why these films are used excessively. However, some important things need to be remembered if you are attempting to cover your windows with solar films.

Handle with Care

This is a very important instruction and needs to be followed carefully. The Sun Control Films are very delicate and they can get creased easily. In case, they get creased while handling, they will remain so forever and although you may still be able to use them the crease will remain visible and would leave a sloppy impression.

Choose the Solution Wisely

Sticky or concentrated solutions may look more appealing and workable but it is never a very good option to use them as these solutions don’t work very well with the solar films installation. Avoid using concentrated or decreasing detergents for making the solutions. These may not stick properly or upon drying may leave a cloudy impression on the windows.

Work in Team for Larger Windows

If you are planning to cover a window which is around 3-4′ wider or larger then always have someone by your side for help. Window Films Installation involves many steps like removing the liner, installation, trimming, etc. and in all these processes the film needs to be handled properly and alone that might become a very tall order. So, if you are thinking of working up a large window always having someone to assist you will be a good idea.

Work in Moderate Temperatures

Although solar films are used for providing protection against sunlight yet, starting to cover up your windows when the Sun is shining bright outside will not be a good idea. The direct heat may lead to sticking of the film very quickly without giving you the time to adjust it properly or take out the air bubbles. If the weather is freezing outside then the film may not stick at all and hence your attempts will fail. The best time to cover your windows with the solar films is either early morning or late evening when the temperature is moderate.

Be Careful of Dust

If the dust particles are trapped inside the film they will spoil the whole process and hence you must ensure that the area is dust free while you are covering the windows. Turn off the fans in the vicinity to minimize any chance of dust getting in the way of the whole process.

Do Not Lay Down the Windows

The best position to tint your windows is to keep them in the upright position. If for the sake of convenience you lay them down then the air bubbles will get trapped inside and your solar films will look badly done. So the best way to do this is to apply the films when the windows are hung vertically.

Films are not Reusable

Apart from making slight adjustments in the initial sticking phase, you must remember that the solar films are not reusable and hence whenever you are thinking of removing them always remember this fact. They can be removed easily without any leaving scar on the window but they cannot be reused again.
You should also take proper precautions if you are working on a window which is at a higher elevation or requires extra effort. Always keep the required things handy as the whole process needs to be completed fast and with efficiency.


ISRO has impressed with now for policy innovation

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) accomplished a major feat last week by launching 104 satellites at one go, breaking the record held by Russia (37 satellites) and the earlier US record (29). Launching dozens of satellites in different orbital slots is an extremely complex manoeuvre. India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), the tried and tested workhorse of Isro, proved yet again that it can achieve more complex missions. Despite this impressive achievement, some international reports tried to underplay it by saying that these were simply nano satellites. Inserting multiple satellites in space is significant irrespective of the weight.

The PSLV has become Isro’s backbone for several important and impressive missions, including the Mars mission in 2013. The fact that India became the first Asian country to do this and that it accomplished the Mars mission in the first attempt is also no small feat. Several countries including China, supposedly more advanced, had attempted the Mars mission in the past but failed. While India need not make a show of its growing capabilities, it clearly reveals that even more advanced powers have failed in such missions due to the complexities involved. Isro’s achievements are also noteworthy given that it works on a shoestring budget.

Isro’s missions have far-reaching impact both from a commercial as well as national security perspective. India has been known for its affordable yet credible missions in the global space industry for long, but it is these recent missions that illustrate what it can deliver. For one, these missions increase India’s attractiveness as a partner in the commercial sector for satellite launches. Two, they also strengthen India’s credentials in global governance. Its ability to sit at the high table gets a fillip through such missions.

India has every reason to be proud of its achievements, but there are still certain aspects of its space programme that need more attention. The need for a holistic space policy cannot be underestimated. Isro has issued a couple of sector-specific policies such as for remote-sensing and Satcom (satellite communication), but it is time that India put in place a policy that is all-encompassing and issued from a central agency rather than India’s civil space agency. This becomes particularly pertinent against the backdrop of numerous requirements, both in the civilian and national security domain. Traditionally, India believed in using space assets for economic and developmental applications but India can no longer ignore security-related needs against the backdrop of regional and global developments. Technology demonstration has also remained an imperative. India’s Insat, Indian remote sensing (IRS) satellites, Cartosat and Resourcesat series are good examples of technology demonstration that evolved into significantly meeting socio-economic and developmental needs.

In this regard, India cannot develop separate policies for remote sensing or satellite communication or space security. The fact is that India’s space programme has grown enormously and cannot be compartmentalized into remote-sensing or communications or defence applications. India’s space programme today envelops all the different dimensions, including space security and developmental and economic needs, and, therefore, the policy that India will eventually develop should deal with each of these elements.

While there has been some recognition of the need for a space policy, this has not translated into any concrete measure. Also, the space policy must not be developed in a vacuum–it needs to be a by-product of a calibrated approach on the kind of future warfare India is likely to fight and accordingly, decide on the course of technologies and capabilities, rather than do this in an unplanned style. It will be ideal if there is a national security strategy that is driving India’s broad ambitions on where it wants to go by 2030, for instance, and then have a clear requirement-based perspective. In the absence of that clarity, the scientific and technical bureaucracy will develop a perspective that is almost entirely technology-driven, minus a strategic interface. Also, outer space has been left in the hands of the scientific bureaucracy for too long. The political leadership has to take ownership of this domain and dictate what is necessary from a national strategic perspective.

Given the growing requirements, India must tackle one other important dimension: commercialization and increasing private sector participation. While Isro has accomplished a great deal, and is one of the public enterprises that has done India proud, it cannot deliver on the multitude of requirements that India has. India has a sizeable and talented private sector that must be brought in to maximize the capacity to manufacture as well as launch satellites. Isro might need to do a bit of handholding in the beginning but with a little help, the Indian private sector can contribute to India’s space growth story in an effective manner.

Lastly, the current momentum towards developing global norms for outer space activities should be considered as India contemplates its space policy. Globally speaking, space debris, potential weaponization of space, cyber arms race in outer space, and anti-satellite (Asat) weapons are becoming major challenges, pushing states to write new rules of the road. India, being an established space player, should play an active role in shaping these and not lose the opportunity. However, these challenges do not belong to one single basket or the other, which dictate a considered policy approach from India. In addition, India should also be mindful of efforts by big powers to shape an NPT-like (NPT is the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons) instrument for the space domain that may, for instance, declare a ban on Asat testing. Asat capability can be demonstrated in a responsible manner, creating the least amount of debris and in an orbit that is least damaging. India’s demonstration of an Asat capability would have both a political and strategic impact in terms of deterrence. India should pay heed to the evolving challenges and opportunities in outer space to stay atop.


Review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Once again Xiaomi took the Indian market by storm with the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 on January 19. Xiaomi is selling three variants of the Redmi Note 4 in India: the base model has 2GB of RAM and 32GB storage for just Rs. 9,999, then there’s a variant with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage for Rs. 10,999, and the top model is the one with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, which is priced Rs. 12,999. We have received the top variant of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for a review.

The Redmi Note 4 comes with a premium metal unibody finish. It has a solid build and feels good when you hold it. Compared to Redmi Note 3, both the device look exactly same, with slightly different curves and flat edges. Despite the flat edges, the corners don’t feel sharp in the hand. At 165g, the device feels lighter than many other 5.5-inch smartphones in this range. The phone adds a decent thickness to it. In my case, the slightly curved back and a texture make the device less slippery and comfortable to hold with one hand.

On the back, the rear camera module is located in the top center of the device, with the dual tone flash placed horizontally below it followed by the fingerprint scanner. On the bottom end of the back, you will find the Mi logo and an antenna strip. The speaker grill moved towards the bottom of the device beside microUSB slot.

Unlike the back, the front bears a very minimalistic look. A bigger 5.5-inch full HD (1920×1080 pixels) display sits in the middle and the three backlit touch capacitive buttons below it. Above the display, there is a speaker grill along with the front camera, ambient light, proximity sensors and the notification RGB LED. The Silver and the Gold color variants have the matching colored front which might be a distraction to you (atleast that distracts me), I would suggest opting for the Dark Grey color variant which has an all-black front.


The Redmi Note 4 has an excellent spec for a phone of its price and screen size. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and 4GB of RAM, the device was able to handle most of the task and games with a breeze. Daily tasks never show any hiccups, including multitasking. The overall performance felt close to a premium device and the processor, which is a 64-bit chip from Qualcomm proved to be quite good. There is no stutter in the UI anywhere, no frame drops, no jerking: it just works and continues working even with 40 apps installed. 3D games run very well too, we didn’t notice any performance or major heating issues when playing games such as Real Racing 3 and Modern Combat 4.


The device runs on MIUI 8, the latest version of Xiaomi’s operating system based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, although an update to Android 7.0 Nougat is currently in the works and available in beta version. There’s Dual Apps feature available, which lets you run two instances of the same apps. This means it allow you to run two WhatsApp or Twitter accounts on the same phone, which is not otherwise possible.

Call quality and network connectivity are flawless on the device and even the loudspeaker is pretty decent. It also supports all 4G networks in India. Despite the decent slim profile, the Redmi Note 4 packs in a 4,100 mAh battery, which can last a whole day on single charge.


The phone’s 13-megapixel BSI CMOS camera is quick and delivers clear and crisp shots in most conditions. In outdoor shots, colors look accurate and the image doesn’t lose its crispness while zooming or viewed on a bigger screen. Even in low-light shots, colors look good and the amount of blur is minimal. Overall, it is an impressive camera with plenty of filters and camera modes such as time lapse, beauty and mode. The 5-megapixel front camera takes decent selfies, mostly impresses with its clarity and color reproduction. The images recognition function works fine and it also predicts the age of the person which is a nice addition. The low light performance of the smartphone is good but needs a little improvement on sensors.

RATINGS: 90/100
PRICED: ₹ 12,999/-