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In today’s IT era, there are number of challenges to remain competitive across the business with content management and an increasing reliance on technology for collaboration. To achieve flexible enterprise collaboration environment that can support the specific collaboration needs of numerous communities, your employees need secure anytime, anywhere access to the full features of a centrally governed collaboration environment that is integrated with business processes and business applications.

Most organizations across the globe are using SharePoint services to gain benefits of increased flexibility, scalability and efficiency offered by cloud-based enterprise collaboration solutions. SharePoint service is one of the most flexible server with web based application that integrates the collaboration strategy with organizational functions. These services are used to reduce cost and grow your business revenues in the market. It is core services to store documents with more effective format that brings an organization a structure so that everyone in the company receives critical information according to their requirements.

Other than sharepoint, Cloud computing platform is also on-demand delivery for compute power that provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. Cloud computing services can be private, public or hybrid:-

* Private cloud services are being delivered to the organization or a business ranging from a business data center to internal employees.

* Public cloud services are being delivered on demand through third party provider’s over the internet

* Hybrid cloud services are the combination of public cloud. Most of the companies can run their sensitive applications on the private cloud and while using the public cloud for workloads to create a unified, automated, scalable environment.

There is increasing use of web via mobile devices now rather than personal computers. The growth of cloud computing has increased the ability for mobile devices to perform all functions that were previously being performed with computers. That is amazingly done on these devices through Mobile Application Development which is a significant increase in demand for multiple platforms. It is a term to denote the act or process by which application software is developed for mobile devices to run different application within a mobile.

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