Now Unleash Your Tweets With The TweetyPad Mobile App

The most anticipated social media app is finally here. TweetyPad is everything that you want in a social media app and much more. It is convenient, it is easy to use and best of all, it allows you to post tweets without being bound by twitter’s 140 characters rule! A must have app for everyone who loves twitter and social media. within addition to Twitter, TweetyPad can effectively handle other social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn easily with more to come.

An app that has been solely developed for the convenience of any social media addict, TweetyPad is basically an organizer with which you can handle all your social media accounts from one single app. Whether you are at home or office, managing your social media presence will be child’s play. And all of this is for free! An app that can fit perfectly in the user’s palm and can be used to post updates with ease; TweetyPad is definitely a boon for every avid Twitter or Facebook fan.

One of the most popular features of TweetyPad is its versatilityTweetyPad allows users to go beyond the 140 characters limit interface of Twitter and allows users to post unlimited tweets with ease. Thanks to Tweetypad, now you can tweet whatever you want to, without any restrictions.

The app is full of other features as well. You can easily shift between your various social media accounts without a hitch. Toggling between apps is as easy as pressing a button. You will be switched immediately. With this, users can also share their posts with their friends and family with the click of a button. Users can use SMS, Email, Twitter, Direct Message, WhatsApp, Twitter etc to share their posts.

TweetyPad is a well-designed app that is simple yet innovative and extremely user-friendly. The interface of the app is extremely simple. What makes the interface even more innovative is that you can use the app to view user’s full length and unlimited post. Your visitor can press the dropdown option, and this option will take the visitor to the original site of the social media in use such as Twitter, FaceBook etc. There, the visitor can view the post and makes comments with ease.

Another remarkable feature of the app is the option to post snippets. Snippets can be put in the beginning of your tweet, which will be accompanied by a link to your original post. Hence, the snippet is a teaser for your original production.

TweetyPad is currently available on three platforms. You can find it on Android, iOS as well as on the Web.