Top Method for Achieving Lubrication Engineering Excellence

You might have seen and read a lot of articles written on the necessity and value of documenting procedures for lubrication and other types of maintenance activities. It is also absolutely important to define and document the correct processes based on which lubrication decisions are taken. It is a very critical step in designing a high-quality lubrication program.

Making right decisions on a consistent basis

It does not matter whether you are a person assigned to restructure a current lubrication program or you are supposed to develop a new program; the most important step is to define the process. You have to make many critical decisions including developing lubricant specifications, deciding what types of machines are included in the oil program and specifying re-lubrication frequencies. You have to keep on making the best decisions on a consistent basis to achieve lubricant engineering excellence.

Critical analysis is very vital

You must take a look critically how you reach at decisions that affect the lubrication processes. It is necessary to find answers to some important questions. Fist if all, you have to find out how do you decide on establishing re-lubrication intervals and the second question is to determine what filter performance level is most congenial for a hydraulic system. These types of decisions must not be made arbitrarily and it should be done through a well reviewed, documented and thought out process.

Systematic method of approach

The first step is all about defining what are the exact elements of the program that need to be addressed. Then, the available methods that apply to these elements should be reviewed and assessed. Last but not the least; you have to identify the best methods and they must be documented as well.

Adopt a valid and consistent method and stick with it

Re-greasing of electric motor bearings is one of the most popular and troublesome topics in lubrication. Several methods are available that can be used to find out when to lubricate and with how much quantity of grease. These things can differ in a significant manner. Many people decide to lubricate repeatedly with less grease and some others lubricate occasionally with increased quantity of grease to achieve low wear and tear. Which option is the best option? The most critical aspect is that you have to find a valid and consistent method and you need to stick with it. The determined values can be revised later.

Establish standards properly

Another lubrication problem for which the right measures have definitely to be established is known as contamination control. When it comes to deciding the most vital parts of a dynamic lubrication program, contamination control stands tall and it must be a top concern. You should establish target particle counts and it can be done on the basis of different classes of equipment if not according to an individual machine basis. When you become successful in establishing standards, identifying the measures to achieve goals becomes an uncomplicated process.

If you want to introduce the best program in your plant, you have to conduct research on the vital aspects of the program that deserve more attention. The next step is to establish the guidelines according to which the program is designed. This method of approach helps you develop a dynamic system that is fully sustainable and result-oriented.